Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I have been spending my day in dust and cobwebs.

I started with the cobwebs all over the porches. I don't like to kill the spiders that live in the siding and on the porches. I mean, they're just doing their spider thing, and maybe they'll eat some mosquitos too. But, letting them live means huge Halloween style cobwebs developing and dangling all over the porch all the time. So I went out to knock down the worst of that and sweep the porch. Just to make it look a little less like we live in a haunted house.

Then I worked on cleaning the garage a bit, and brought in a couple of boxes of canning jars that had somehow gotten stored out there. I think that bigger spiders live in the garage than one the porch. I'm not scared of them, and don't mind them, except for that I'm terrified they'll get in my hair. Things in my hair is one of my biggest fears. Anyway, so that was pretty filthy too, and messy, since the garage is the only place in the house where my (slightly anal) organization doesn't reign.

So, since I had some canning jars to put away, I decided it was high time to go through all the jars my MIL had given me when they visited. I'd had the boxes stowed away, but I hadn't unwrapped and sorted them all out. I like to keep the jars sorted according to size and ready to grabbed when they're needed, so I got that all taken care of too. That wasn't as dirty a job, but there was plenty of newsprint all over my hands, so it felt dirty enough.

My canning jar status is something along the lines of: more quarts than two people can use, enough pints, I think, and just enough half-pints, unless I find grapes somewhere.

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a haunted-house porch!

Anonymous said...

I'll trade ya, flying ants for your spider's webs. :o)


Bethany said...

Mrs. Mordecai, now I'm glad I'm not the only one too!

Whit, no thank you. That just sounds creepy.

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