Friday, October 02, 2009

All My Bags Are Packed...

...I'm ready to go.

I've been doing last minute packing sorts of things today. I can't decide what knitting projects to take with me. That's a ridiculous sort of problem, but it's true. I'm thinking the pink toe up sock will be the winner. It's time to turn the heel, so that'll keep me occupied in the car, and then, after that, it's just mindless ribbing for the cuff, which will be good for visiting.

I made a skirt for myself to wear to the shower this morning. I wanted something kinda casual, but not jeans casual, so I settled on a denim skirt. I made it by cutting the bottom off of a huge jumper that I had gotten at the Goodwill with such an alteration in mind. After I cut the bottom off, it was practically instant skirt, since all I had to do was make the cut edge into a casing, thread the elastic through, and sew it up. I also sewed the slit in the back closed some, because the skirt originally had been ankle length, but raising the hem to knee length made a slit of the original length pretty much indecent.

So, I'm just waiting for Ben to get home from work so we can take off! We're only going to be gone for the weekend, and I'm looking forward to catching up with all my blogging friends when we get back on Tuesday!

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1 comment:

Lidian said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip, Bethany!

I put a lot of thought into what yarn and crochet projects I bring on a trip, so I know just what that's like.

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