Thursday, October 15, 2009

Drying Apples

Last year, I froze 19 quarts of apple pie filling, and we used all of it and would have used more, but this year lack of freezer space and ease of turning dehydrated apples into pie and crisp have convinced me that I should dry most of the apples I'm planning to use for pies and such. Ben seems to really want some frozen pie filling as well, so I might do a few bags of it, but mainly, I'm hoping to dehydrate at least two or three bushels of apples this fall. I'm planning to use another couple of bushels to make into apple sauce as well.

I'm loving my Excalibur dehydrator! It can hold about four times as many apples as the one I used last year, and it gets them all the way dry in only 4-6 hours. I'm so glad I bought it!

>Now I just have to find a good source. The apple farm down the road won't sell seconds, because they're also a cider mill, makes sense, but that leaves only the apples that they sell for a dollar a pound no matter the volume. Which would make $40-$50 bushels. The guys at the farmer's market have all raised their prices considerably, from $12 up to $20. I've been calling around to see if anyone can cut me a deal, but no luck so far.

The apples in the pictures came from the neighbor who has a few trees and sells the extras a couple of pounds at a time. A good price, and a fairly nice apple, but I need quantity! :)

I've been super sick all week. I finally don't have a fever today, but I'm not feeling precisely awesome. I was wanting to make tomato sauce, but I'm still not feeling well enough for that, so I'm going to settle for finishing all the laundry and making dinner. I think Ben will appreciate that, since he's been having to do some of my chores all week, since I couldn't go outside. It's been so wet and cold out all week, it's like a cold swamp out there. I'm feeling sorry for the poor chickies, since we can't seem to find a dry spot to put them. I hate to say it, but I guess it's time to get settled for winter soon. Seems very early, and I'd really like some sunny fall days, but I suppose it's better to be ready for the cold, and then not get it, rather than have the cold and wish we were ready for it.

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Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

My parent's apple tree didn't do well this year so I am going to try to find some apples too. Sorry you have been sick! It is going around everywhere...and we have confirmed H1N1 at the school I work at. Everyone is doing fine with it so far.

Bethany said...

jennifer, I hope everyone will recover and stay healthy! I'm feeling okay. Pretty sure it's just a cold. They tend to stick with me. I have a wimpy immune system.

Good luck with the apples! I found some and we'll be picking them up this weekend. :)

Bonnie Story said...

Great pictures! My neighbor has an Excalibur too and it's fantastic. She does all the herbs in there, and handles a huge late crop of bell peppers with it as well. Great for not letting stuff go to waste. Dehydrated stuff is so, so easy to store. Good to hear that you finally found a good apple source!

Melonie said...

OOOOO I am coveting your Excalibur. :-) I have a little one to get me started; I'm hoping to put it to good use while we are here in Japan and then work my way up to "deserving" (being worthy of? lol) a nice big Excalibur when we get back to the States.

I hope you're feeling much better now. I haven't been reading blogs enough. ugh. Glad to finally be catching up again!

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