Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig

We had a nice time on our trip to MI. It was good to visit family and see every one of our nephews and neices, from brand-new little Lily to suddenly hugely tall fifteen year old Garrett. They're all so great.

I didn't get a better picture of the favors I made for the shower, but here is the one I did remember to take. They were little trees from the Arbor Day Foundation, and I made pretty little baby themed folders out of scrapbooking paper to hold them. I think everyone liked them, through there were so many leftover, since we had way more than we needed. Ben and I are certainly going to be planting trees this week around the yard.

I've been spending my morning getting all unpacked and sorted. Since we drove, we brought back quite alot of stuff with us. I have some goodies of which to take pictures and share here in the coming weeks. Of course, we brought home canning jars too. Woo, canning jars! And it never fails that I forget things, no matter how well I plan, or how much room I pack. My brother was going to share his tomatoes with me, but I forgot to bring them back home with me. Darn it!!

My oven is still broken. The repair guy came today and says that he has to order the part and will be here Thursday morning to fix it. I figure that just as long as pizza night continues as planned on Friday, I'm okay with that. I planned stove top and slow cooker meals for this week just in case anyway, so I don't really mind. With the bread maker, we can even still have fresh bread.

I'd better keep moving with my day. I to list is almost all checked off, and I think I might have a nap to sleep off this vacation this afternoon!

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Lidian said...

Glad you had a good trip :)

And canning jars! I always wish I had room and time (and, you know, the know-how, 'cause that is important too) to can stuff. What are you going to make? My MIL makes amazing preserves and I always think, I would love to do that...someday!

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