Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Beppy Appleseed

I still haven't finished those apples! Last week, I had a relapse of flu or whatever it was and lost my voice, so I commited myself to spending as much time sleeping as possible. And when I wasn't sleeping, I was aimlessly watching tv. Just one of those weeks, I guess. But it worked, and I'm feeling a lot better. And my voice was back by Friday.

We spent the weekend in Fort Wayne, visiting my oldest friend to whom I am not related, Julie, and her husband, Brian. We had an awesome time, and it was just absolutely wonderful to wake up on Saturday facing a day that did not contain a single chore. Not one little dish to wash, or any animal whatsoever needing me to feed or manage it, or even a single bite of food I was responsible for planning or preparing. I just need that sometimes, and it was great.

Back to reality yesterday though. I cleaned out and scrubbed down and aired out the chicken coop and the dog house the pullets have been living in. I think the pullets will be ready to join the flock in a week or two, which will be good, because then I won't have to keep taking care of two coops and all. Moving them all around lately has been a sloppy miserable job, since it's been raining for a month. I was thrilled to have some sunshine yesterday and today. Maybe it'll help control the mudslick situations in the yard.

We have mice moving into the attic and the ceiling something awful. Neither one of us want to use poison on them for a number of different reasons, so last night at Rural King, we picked up one of the repeller things that's supposed to emit a sound only the mice can hear and drive them away. I hope it works.

So, back to the apples. This morning I went through them all and sorted them, and only found a couple really soft ones that had to get thrown out, so they're keeping really well. Ben and I are planning to make another batch of juice this weekend, and use it to start a gallon of apple wine going. I also have about 10 or 15 pounds left for dehydrating as well. Any that are left after the apple juice, I'll use to make applesauce, as well as the leftover pulp, after draining the apple juice. And I think that will be the end of the apple madness!

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Julie said...

At the risk of sounding stupid... what's a "pullet"?

Bethany said...

It's just what they call little hens when they're not all the way grown up yet. We usually call them the little chickens, but they're not actually littler anymore. They're not laying quite yet, but they're definately just about big enough now.

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