Monday, November 23, 2009

Chicken Integration Day

Well, the pullets started laying their eggs last week, so we figured it's time to put them in the main coop with the older chickens. We waited until they were all asleep last night, then slipped the two new ones into the coop. Unfortunately, they woke up this morning all aflutter and ready to fight. It's proving to be very stressful for me so far, since the older ones don't seem to want to let the pullets even stand up and walk around, let alone eat. I'm hoping that if I just give it a day or two, they'll get themselves back in line again and have everything worked out. In the meantime, I'm closely montoring them to make sure no one gets injured or starts to bleed. This adding new chickens to old thing is harder than I'd thought it would be. I sure hope I don't have to separate them again.

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Alison said...

Can you imagine if while you and Ben were sleeping someone just slipped a few new residents into your home? You might fight, too. Or, if you are like me, you would hide under your bed.

Worknprogress said...

Wondering if there is anyway you can let them wander around outside together for a bit.

That is how we achieved our success...after about a week of intermittant supervised recesses from the coop, our girls had gotten all their pecking order hashed out.

Good luck!

Bonnie Story said...

There is a natural product called "Hen House Harmony" that is made for occasions just such as these. It's online at - I have heard a lot about this product and I'm confident that it could help. Poor lil' teenyboppers!! Best of luck with all the girls. -- Bonnie

Adam J. said...

in regards to ali's comment:


Seriously loled all over the place!!!

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