Friday, November 13, 2009

What's What Around Here

I've got yogurt incubating in the dining room and dough for crackers rising in the kitchen. I'm feeling pretty good today, it's one of those everything is nice and going right kind of days.

Have I mentioned how much I love Wii Fit? We got the Wii Fit Plus when it came out last month, and I just love it! It makes exercising so much more fun and easier to accomplish than just the treadmill does. The perfect solution for keeping moving over the winter when the garden and yard work won't need doing. And today, I beat Ben's high score on the Advanced Step game! Woo-hoo!! Of course I do it like five times to his every one and still can't ever top his scores, and he'll just come home and set a new high score his first try. But for today I wear the crown and am the queen!

It's all about rhythm, you see. And Ben has a natural God-given musician's sort of rhythm. And I don't have any. Nope, no rhythm at all. I have to think through and use my eyes and spatial abilities in order to clap in time with anything.

My elderly neighbor is back home from the assisted living home where she needed to stay for a month or so, and is doing much better. I'm planning to go visit with her for a while after I finish this post. I'm not sure if that'll mean I don't actually get around to baking the crackers today or not, but the dough will keep in the fridge till tomorrow easily enough.

Tonight is pizza night! Let the angels sing! ;)

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Melonie said...

I found out the other day from my mom that my folks got the yogurt maker I was looking for and are having it sent here as a Christmas gift. WOOHOO! Can't wait. :-) All they had over here in our PX/BX stores was *frozen* yogurt makers. Maybe down the road - once I can make homemade *regular* yogurt. haha

Sounds like the Wii is loads of fun. Enjoy - the "toy" and the "crown". heehee

Cali's Momma said...

You have a terrific blog! I have a totally unrelated question regarding your crochet kitty hat, I couldn't find anywhere to PM you. If you could email me pinkshoes(at)gmail(dot)com that would be terrific! :) Thanks!

abby jenkins said...

To get my daily dose of exercise I love taking our dog Cheddar for hikes when the weather is nice ... that won't last much longer. Wish there was a Wii for dogs too!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I am so going to do yogurt some day. And crackers too. Maybe someday I'll be as cool as you. :)

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