Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Being An Elf

I've been working like an elf this week, making some presents and things. It may seem that I'm leaving it to the last moment, but this time, I'm not going to own up to my procrastination.

See, I wasn't going to make anything for Ben this year, because I thought he had all the warm things and pajama pants he could need (because he says so all the time). He was saying the other day, though, that he'd like a new hat and mittens that would match his coat, for wearing in to work, since last year's hat and mittens are older and being used for working outside and such. Well, call me a knitter, but I jumped at the chance.

I picked some nice tan wool yarn with a dark brown accent color to go with his dark brown coat, and took the opportunity to practice knitting colorwork with a color in each hand. The hat is almost finished, I'm going to finish it and wrap it up today.

Our present exchange is on Friday, since we're headed to MI to spend Christmas with family, so I probably won't have the mittens finished by then, but I'll just wrap them up with the needles and the yarn too, and finish them while we travel. The mittens are going to be flip tops, and I can't decide if the colorwork pattern should be on the flip top part or the lower hand part, or both... Maybe I'll just take the easy way out and do stripes.

Other elf-ly things I've been up to include planning baked good presents for the neighbors, and hanging stockings with care. All the wrapping and carols and candy canes and Christmas movies are really making my December lots of fun. Relaxing too!

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