Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Oh My Gosh!

Our Thanksgiving dinner went really well, and it was super fun to have so much company, my parents-in-law and my sister and her husband and their two kids.

BUT, on Friday, Columbo bit me, because he was all stressed out from the kids running around. It took him by surprise to get picked up, and I got chomped on my index finger. Generally no big deal, but it ended up hugely infected. So, I had to go to ExpressCare on Saturday and get a penicillan injection and a tetanus shot and an antibiotic prescription. Yesterday was the first day that I didn't have a low fever for a lot of the day, but I'm very much on the mend now.

Besides all that trouble, they made us fill out a form for Animal Control, and now they're making us take Columbo to the vet and get him cleared and send them paperwork saying he doesn't have rabies.

Makes me wish I hadn't grabbed the cat to put him in the bedroom. Oh well...

So, I'm wanting to get into a Christmas mood. I've decided that every day from now till the 25th, I'll do at least one Christmas sort of thing everyday. Anything from crafting a little or watching a Christmas movie or baking cookies or just eating a candy cane, lol. Yesterday, I started knitting a pretty bright red hat to give to the coat drive at the local food pantry. I'm thinking that today I might start putting out some of the Christmas decorations here and there.

It's a very cold and grey day, with rain and snow flurries. I spent some of the morning setting up a wind break of straw bales around the chicken coop, to help the pullets stay warmer. The original flock still won't let them into the coop during the day. I think they might be getting a little more settled in though, since sometimes the pullets even grab treats and run away and eat them now, instead of just lying in the corners of the coop when the others are eating.

For now, I separate them with a gate in the middle of the run for most of the day to make sure that the younger ones are getting a chance to eat and drink without worry, and then let them all mingle again just before dark, so that they can all get into the coop for the night. I think it's working fairly well, and it eases my mind that the pullets won't starve during this transition thing. I'm hoping to just start keeping them all combined for longer periods at a time as the weeks go. The plan is that by the time we're away for Christmas, they should be able to spend all day without being gated off. But with multiple feeders and waterers to make sure they have a fair shot.

I hope that'll work, anyway, since the neighbors are watching them for us, and they seem to forget the basics like cleaning the waterers, let alone, messing with a gate and checking on them all multiple times a day. Maybe if I were to put all the instructions in writing, they'd be more likely to be more diligent about things? I miss their exchange student, he was awesome at chicken duty...

We shook up some cream and made homemade butter for our big dinner, and there's still some left in the fridge... I can't wait to have it, so I think I might make some biscuits. Seems like the perfect butter enjoyment vehicle! If I cut the biscuits with Christmas cutters, that would be my holiday themed thing too! :)

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Worknprogress said...

Oh my goodness!! I am sorry to hear about your injury, but glad that you and your cat are okay. What a mess to have to jump through, paperwork wise. Government. Oy! :o)

Good idea about "25 Days of Christmas!"Breaking it down into smaller events, savouring each one a day seems so much more enjoyable, eh?

Happy Advent too!
fondly, whit

Melonie said...

Yikes! What a hassle with Animal Control. I hope you are feeling all better by now. On the upside, thankfully it was your own pet and he didn't get one of the kids, I suppose. I don't know that is really a silver lining tho.... lol

Alison said...

cats are such a pain, why do we love them so much? :)

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