Friday, January 08, 2010

Happy Birthday, Elvis!

It is such a cold and snowy day! A little better than yesterday was, I suppose, but not much. It's very windy out, so I'm doing my best to stay inside where it's cozy and warm. The chickens won't come out of their coop either, so I figure I can be at least as smart as a chicken is, and stay snug in my coop.

I'm working on a project for Adam that he's wanted me to get done for a while now. I just had to make the time to work on it. It's a fun one, I even got to use my projector! I can't be specific or post pictures yet, though, just in case some people who are supposed to be surprised by it happen to see my blog today.

After I finish sewing and my Friday chores, I'll probably settle in with a movie and some knitting. I still haven't finished Ben's mittens, and I've decided that the hat I made him for Christmas is slightly too small, so I'm feeling compelled to make another one a bit larger.

One thing I won't be doing today is making dinner. Yay for pizza night!

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Avian Aqua Miser said...

We're shivering here too, and our chickens are sulking. Only one egg yesterday out of nine hens! Still, it's supposed to warm up next week, and it looks like you're taking full advantage of snow and cold!

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