Thursday, January 14, 2010

My China

This year, my mom gave me her wedding china. I'm thrilled to have it, I've always loved it so much. When I was middle school/high school, we'd use it every year at Thanksgiving and Easter. I'd always tell her that I'd pick a pattern just like it, if I were to get married. So that's why she wanted me to have it.

Isn't it pretty! I just love the way it's sliver trimmed instead of gold, and the blues and greys were my very favorite colors for the longest time. Still are up on the list.

Anyway, it's a huge amount of china, a seven piece place setting with service for twelve. With serving pieces. My mother in law has these cool little vinyl cases for storing her different china sets in, and I thought they were just the niftiest things. Well, when she was here at Thankgiving, she was admiring my new china, and I think she could tell that I was maybe a tiny bit overwhelmed with the responsibility that I'd just inherited. So, being the lovely woman she is, for Christmas she got me a nifty set of china cases.

Of course, it being the largest china set in existence (lol), I had to get another smaller set as well to hold it all. But the ten cases hold every bit of it safely and well.

Now to just figure out where the cased up china will go.

For those of you interested in china patterns and such....
I know there are people who really are interested in pattern names and companies but it's something I just don't know anything about. Anyway, this china was made by Mikasa, and the pattern is named Barbizon.

The story my mom told me about the set goes like this:
When she and dad where engaged and the wedding was coming up (which was the whole engagement, they were only engaged from the middle of July to the beginning of October) she worked at Northern Tube, as a receptionist, I think. So, they had this catalog sort of deal where other companies would give discounts to employees, and this china set was in there. She just loved it, so she bought the entire set (which is why it's a full set... it wasn't put together piecemeal, like a lot of wedding china is). At her bridal shower they displayed a place setting of the china, so that everyone could see what it looked like and know that any gifts of money would be going toward paying for it.

I'm just loving the font that the nifty china case maker people use on their inserts. I think I need to monogram something with that font.

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Alison said...

Someday I will be fancy enough to own a china set!

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

What a gorgeous set! And neat storage cases! You are lucky to have it. :) I don't have any kids would destroy it no matter how well I kept it stored or where I stored it! :) LOL

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