Thursday, January 21, 2010

Woke Up Sick

This morning, I woke up sick with gunky nose and ears, a sore throat and cough, and sweating and shivering. Unpleasant.

So, I'm under orders to stick to the couch and drink at least one pot of the rooibos echinacea tea that I concocted for The Boss when he was not feeing well last week. (wonder where I picked this bug up then...)

Good thing I was at the library last night! I have a stack of books all about soap making and herbal medicine to study. So, I can still be very productive while sitting still in this case. I'm planning to spend the day studying, and maybe napping if the mood strikes. I hope I'll be feeling better tomorrow, so I can get some actual making and doing and cleaning done!

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Alison said...

Whenever I get sick, I catch up on my DVR. Maybe it's not as educational as reading books, but at least I don't feel guilty about lying on the couch watching tv. Being sick makes me feel like I have a good excuse ;)

I hope you feel better, but take advantage of being sick!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Looking at your stack of books almost makes me wish I were sick too so I could get some reading time in.

In any case, hope you get feeling better soon!

Anna said...

I only seem to get sick right after going to the library too. It's really not malingering! I think that having all of that wonderful reading on hand makes me feel safe enough to give in to being worn out.

Feel better soon!

Melonie said...

OOOOO yay! To staying home and studying such neat looking books, not to being sick, of course. LOL

Did I miss a title list? Give me ideas. ;-)

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