Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Head Out On The Highway

Should I be offended that Google Ads just assumes that this is a good place to advertise cat urine odor remover?  Just because I call myself BeppyCat?  Or because there are cat pictures?  I don't remember writing recently about my cat urine odor problems... some struggles should stay personal.

I'm going to be gone until the middle of next week, starting tomorrow.  We'll be taking a road trip to MI to celebrate Ben's 30th birthday.  It's going to be lots of fun, because we'll get to visit everyone in my family, and we're going to see Ben's parents and Dan, Missy, and Lily, all on Ben's birthday for a party.  And on the way home, Amish grocery store shopping!  I'm pretty excited.

If I get the chance in between packing today, I'll schedule some posts to run while I'm gone, but if not, I hope everyone will enjoy their weekend and I'll catch up on all your blogs when I get home again!

Also, I thought it might be fun if anyone has any requests about info or questions on certain topics, or wants me to post about anything in particular, go ahead and comment here and let me know!  :)

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today I wanted to... about making homemade yogurt just for you, but sorting the pictures was too complicated.
(Loves me some Little Critter)
(Ten points if you get that reference)

So, anyway, since I don't actually have a post about making yogurt, (sorry about that, I can't seem to concentrate today and have quite the headache, along with quite a bit of cleaning to do.  It's bathroom scrubbing day.), I'll talk about some less complicated things.

I recently bought an interesting calendar from  It has chores and tasks listed for each day, and helps you make sure you get those small things that are easy to over look finished.  Like cleaning out your purse or washing rugs.  I do find that it seems to have more tasks on it than I'd usually give myself in one day, especially in the summer time, when most of my time is spent outside in the garden and yard, but it's definately not un-do-able.

I love a blog I ran across recently called Like Mother, Like Daughter, and her most recent post about equality really resonated with me.  Very recommended.

I saw a picture of Apolo Anton Ohno yawning before a race the other day... and it made me yawn just looking at it.  That guy's got a huge yawn.  Now it made me yawn just remembering it.  Bet I just made you yawn now too!

Speaking of Ohno... my mom said to me today, in a wistful voice, that if only one of her daughters had met him and married him, she'd be so happy to have him as a son in law.  That was hilarious, but flattering.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have a chance with him.  Good thing Ben's an even better SIL.  (Well, at least as good... maybe Apolo would be the best SIL, I have no idea.)  Apolo, if you're reading, I do have a prettier single sister.  You'd get a very nice MIL out of the deal!

Speaking of the Olympics... I told Ben the other day I'm feeling a bit left out of America right now.  We just don't get to see any of it, since they don't put it on the computer like some other shows, and we can't get the rabbit ears to pick up NBC.  No matter how much tin foil I try.

There are some good coupon deals for Target listed on Money Saving Mom this week.  We went into town and picked some up last night.  The Kraft cheese deal was great, even though the cheese wasn't marked down at our Target.  The Fur Fighter deal turned out to be the best of the night though, because they rang up lower than we thought they would, at $2.24, and they took the whole $4 off coupon without adjusting it, so it made everything else cost that much less.  I think it was the car upholstery ones that were cheaper, and the regular ones were $3.99 as expected.

So, that was a terribly rambling sort of post... I think I must have had too much exposure to bleach fumes while cleaning this morning, I'm pretty loopy right now, lol.  I'm headed off to finish my afternoon chores and hit the showers before doing something undemanding, like knitting.  Hope everyone has a lovely day.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yipee! A t-shirt sale!

I made a sale on my Cafe Press Shop.  This is my first t-shirt sale (the booklet has sold a couple of copies), and I'm so excited about it!!  The design in the picture here is the one that sold, and honestly I'm really proud of that, since it's one of my favorites and completely cracks me up, but I've always been unsure if other people would like it.

This is just the inspiration I need to get to work on some more of the designs I've thought up.  Making sales is so motivating! :)

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Finished Kntted Project

I have a finished project to show off!  It seems like I don't actually finish much lately, so I'm feeling proud.  This is the Barn Bonnet from The Sweater Workshop.  I may actually be one of the most unflattering things I've ever made, but it sure is warm.  It's made of discontinued wool yarn from Jaeger that I got at the 2008 Stitch n Pitch.  At the 2009 Stitch n Pitch the girl ahead of me got a skein of too, so I traded her all my eyelash yarn for it, just in case I'd need more to finish this hat, which was half-finished at the time.  Oddly, the second skein has the exact same dye lot as the skein from a year before.  I didn't actually need it to finish this hat, so I might use the extra skein for wrist warmers or something.

Sweater Workshop: Knit Creative, Seam-Free Sweaters on Your Own with Any Yarn
This link ia an Amazon Associates link. 
I'll get paid a small commision if you
buy anything after following it.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recent Reading

I've been reading some interesting books lately. And not to sound ditzy, but I'm impressed that I'm actually finishing them.  It seems like I have a hard time actually reading all of a book lately, but I've done well the last week or so.  Here are my thoughts on some of the books I've read.  Links are Amazon Associate links, so they'll take you to the Amazon page, and I get paid if you buy anything after following them.

The Indifferent Stars Above: The Harrowing Saga of a Donner Party Bride

The Indifferent Stars Above is about the Donner Party. It was pretty facsinating book, with lots of context history which I found very enlightening. Of course, it was kind of depressing and creepy too.  But educationally, so that's okay.

Hard Times in Paradise

Hard Times is Paradise is about a family who did the whole "back to the land" thing in the seventies, and stuck with it.  It was written in 1992, so I don't know if they're still on their ranch, but they'd gotten things well established by then.  I enjoyed this book to an extent, but I did have some problems with it.  The narrators do come across as pretty unlikable at times, and though building the house is described in detail, the garden is hardly discussed, and the animal husbandry is adressed only through antecdotes, and not really in any sort of detail.


This is the third or fouth time I've read Contest.  It's a science fiction, intergalatic gladitorial story set in the New York Public Library.  I know, right?  So, it's good... and they should make a movie of it.

Goat Song: A Seasonal Life, A Short History of Herding, and the Art of Making Cheese

Very interesting book about a couple raising goats and making cheese from the milk.  An interesting blend of practical goat knowledge, useful descriptions and antecdotes, and lofty philosophy.  A bit artsy, but not so much that you can't stand it, and is very lyrical.

Forensic Detective: How I Cracked the World's Toughest Cases

This was a very dry book about a pretty cool topic.  I'll admit, I just skimmed through it, since it was a little dense and dry to hold my interest too well.  I'd recommend Dead Men Do Tell Tales: The Strange and Fascinating Cases of a Forensic Anthropologist instead, as a much more interesting reading experience of the subject.

World Made by Hand: A Novel

World Made By Hand is Post-Apocalyptic vision of the future genre.  I really liked this book.  It's not too overwrought and sciene-fiction-y, and the plot is interesting and engaging.  It's not all boring and fatalistic like On the Beach (Vintage International) is, but may not be precisely realistic either.  I can forgive a lot of faults in fiction if I'm interested in the story and the characters, so some of the things that made other reviewers hate this book (lack of strong female characters, odd speech quirks, and not so good dialogue) did bother me slightly but were quickly and easily overlooked.  Some people were put off completely by these things, and so didn't get beyond them.

So that's my reading list lately.  I just started Kingdom River (The Snowfall Trilogy, Book 2) and Summer of the Apocalypse (loves me some post apocalyptic vision of the future?) but don't have any idea yet if I'd recommend either, because I'm not past the first chapter on either of them yet.

I'd better get going and get started on my baking today (graham crackers, granola, brown rice salad), but do want to say that I used the integrated Amazon Associates thing that Blogger has to put together this post and I think it's a pretty useful tool, in case anyone else is wondering about adding it to their Blogger account.

The sun's shining on me today, and it's energizing!  I hope everyone gets some sunny weather too!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

Well, we celebrated Mardi Gras and St. Valentine's Day up right with a very long weekend, lots of hanging out together doing nothing much and a trip to Springfield.

Ben was gone all of last week to CA for work, so it was really great to get to hang out with him for so long the past few days. He had Monday off for Presidents' Day, and took yesterday off as well, just to have another day to ourselves.

We did some shopping on Saturday, and then spent all of Sunday and Monday at home together watching movies, playing Just Dance and Rock Band, and making cheese with the kit I got him for his Valentine's gift.

Yesterday we headed to Springfield and closed an old bank account at Chase bank, and ate at Cozy Drive-In. They invented corn dogs there, and call them Cozy Dogs. We saw it on Man v. Food, and Ben just had to check them out. I had a burger, and it was great.

We also went to to Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library. It's a great museum, and Ben hadn't been there before, so I wanted him to get to see it. We had a great time there, and I got some tips on drop spindle spinning from one of the volunteers watching the children's play area.

Ben's actually still around today, though he's working, not playing. He worked from home today so that we could go to mass for Ash Wednesday. So now Lent has started, and so has fasting. Anyone else find Lent to be kind of daunting? Not so much the fasting and abstenance part, but the whole idea of Lent its self. To join in Jesus' suffering and follow on His journey. It just seems very large in scope to me, and difficult to grasp.

One step at a time though, and today's is no meat, very small meals, visiting with my neighbor even though I have a headache, and maybe even finding something unpleasant that has to be cleaned and cleaning it. Like the back of the toilet. Even penance and sacrafice can be done with a sense of humor! Maybe even should be... Sister Mary Martha has been posting about Lent lately and giving me lots to think about and some good ideas!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Or, A Man and His Chicken....

This is the Araucana hen, Matilda. She's the one that lays the pretty green eggs. We had been concerned because she hadn't layed an egg since before Thanksgiving(tip to Matilda, it's easy for the people to see you're slacking off when you're the only one laying green eggs.). Ben was talking about "retirement" if she didn't start up again in the Spring. I had him talked into giving her till July. But last week, there was a green egg in the nest! Go Matilda! She's been laying just fine since then, as well. We're used to the Cinnamon Queens, who lay straight though the winter no problem, but I guess Matilda's the kind of bird who takes the winter off. The days are certainly getting longer now though, so I can see why she's back in the groove.

Here's a photo I took yesterday for all you fans of The Birds. It was loud out there!

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