Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

Well, we celebrated Mardi Gras and St. Valentine's Day up right with a very long weekend, lots of hanging out together doing nothing much and a trip to Springfield.

Ben was gone all of last week to CA for work, so it was really great to get to hang out with him for so long the past few days. He had Monday off for Presidents' Day, and took yesterday off as well, just to have another day to ourselves.

We did some shopping on Saturday, and then spent all of Sunday and Monday at home together watching movies, playing Just Dance and Rock Band, and making cheese with the kit I got him for his Valentine's gift.

Yesterday we headed to Springfield and closed an old bank account at Chase bank, and ate at Cozy Drive-In. They invented corn dogs there, and call them Cozy Dogs. We saw it on Man v. Food, and Ben just had to check them out. I had a burger, and it was great.

We also went to to Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library. It's a great museum, and Ben hadn't been there before, so I wanted him to get to see it. We had a great time there, and I got some tips on drop spindle spinning from one of the volunteers watching the children's play area.

Ben's actually still around today, though he's working, not playing. He worked from home today so that we could go to mass for Ash Wednesday. So now Lent has started, and so has fasting. Anyone else find Lent to be kind of daunting? Not so much the fasting and abstenance part, but the whole idea of Lent its self. To join in Jesus' suffering and follow on His journey. It just seems very large in scope to me, and difficult to grasp.

One step at a time though, and today's is no meat, very small meals, visiting with my neighbor even though I have a headache, and maybe even finding something unpleasant that has to be cleaned and cleaning it. Like the back of the toilet. Even penance and sacrafice can be done with a sense of humor! Maybe even should be... Sister Mary Martha has been posting about Lent lately and giving me lots to think about and some good ideas!

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