Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Or, A Man and His Chicken....

This is the Araucana hen, Matilda. She's the one that lays the pretty green eggs. We had been concerned because she hadn't layed an egg since before Thanksgiving(tip to Matilda, it's easy for the people to see you're slacking off when you're the only one laying green eggs.). Ben was talking about "retirement" if she didn't start up again in the Spring. I had him talked into giving her till July. But last week, there was a green egg in the nest! Go Matilda! She's been laying just fine since then, as well. We're used to the Cinnamon Queens, who lay straight though the winter no problem, but I guess Matilda's the kind of bird who takes the winter off. The days are certainly getting longer now though, so I can see why she's back in the groove.

Here's a photo I took yesterday for all you fans of The Birds. It was loud out there!

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Adam J. said...

i fear for your safety

Julie said...

whoa! holy birds!

Avian Aqua Miser said...

Our Golden Comets lay all winter without much slacking off, but I've been disappointed in our Barred Plymouth Rocks this winter. I keep having to remind myself that it's winter and they'll probably pick back up soon. I'm glad Matilda worked her way back into your hearts. :-)

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