Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today I wanted to...

...post about making homemade yogurt just for you, but sorting the pictures was too complicated.
(Loves me some Little Critter)
(Ten points if you get that reference)

So, anyway, since I don't actually have a post about making yogurt, (sorry about that, I can't seem to concentrate today and have quite the headache, along with quite a bit of cleaning to do.  It's bathroom scrubbing day.), I'll talk about some less complicated things.

I recently bought an interesting calendar from motivatedmoms.com.  It has chores and tasks listed for each day, and helps you make sure you get those small things that are easy to over look finished.  Like cleaning out your purse or washing rugs.  I do find that it seems to have more tasks on it than I'd usually give myself in one day, especially in the summer time, when most of my time is spent outside in the garden and yard, but it's definately not un-do-able.

I love a blog I ran across recently called Like Mother, Like Daughter, and her most recent post about equality really resonated with me.  Very recommended.

I saw a picture of Apolo Anton Ohno yawning before a race the other day... and it made me yawn just looking at it.  That guy's got a huge yawn.  Now it made me yawn just remembering it.  Bet I just made you yawn now too!

Speaking of Ohno... my mom said to me today, in a wistful voice, that if only one of her daughters had met him and married him, she'd be so happy to have him as a son in law.  That was hilarious, but flattering.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have a chance with him.  Good thing Ben's an even better SIL.  (Well, at least as good... maybe Apolo would be the best SIL, I have no idea.)  Apolo, if you're reading, I do have a prettier single sister.  You'd get a very nice MIL out of the deal!

Speaking of the Olympics... I told Ben the other day I'm feeling a bit left out of America right now.  We just don't get to see any of it, since they don't put it on the computer like some other shows, and we can't get the rabbit ears to pick up NBC.  No matter how much tin foil I try.

There are some good coupon deals for Target listed on Money Saving Mom this week.  We went into town and picked some up last night.  The Kraft cheese deal was great, even though the cheese wasn't marked down at our Target.  The Fur Fighter deal turned out to be the best of the night though, because they rang up lower than we thought they would, at $2.24, and they took the whole $4 off coupon without adjusting it, so it made everything else cost that much less.  I think it was the car upholstery ones that were cheaper, and the regular ones were $3.99 as expected.

So, that was a terribly rambling sort of post... I think I must have had too much exposure to bleach fumes while cleaning this morning, I'm pretty loopy right now, lol.  I'm headed off to finish my afternoon chores and hit the showers before doing something undemanding, like knitting.  Hope everyone has a lovely day.

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

I love Little Critter! I actually have that book on hold at the library now to read to my son.

Sorry about the Olympics. :( I've watched a bit, but not too much.

Worknprogress said...

Hee hee...Mr. Ohno grew up just south of us. You could send your sis to scout out any remaining relatives--we've got an extra room we could put her up in while she does her research. :o)

Melonie said...

I watched one figure skating routine that was on, does that count? LOL

Bethany said...

Mrs. Mordecai, that is one of my favorite books! I still find myself saying phrases from it to myself sometimes.

Whit, I'll let her know... think you can arrange an introduction? ;)

Melonie, I'll say it counts. You've officially Watch the Olympics, lol. I'll get to say the same next week, since I'm heading to a land of sophistication and cable service known as Pinconning, MI.

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