Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yipee! A t-shirt sale!

I made a sale on my Cafe Press Shop.  This is my first t-shirt sale (the booklet has sold a couple of copies), and I'm so excited about it!!  The design in the picture here is the one that sold, and honestly I'm really proud of that, since it's one of my favorites and completely cracks me up, but I've always been unsure if other people would like it.

This is just the inspiration I need to get to work on some more of the designs I've thought up.  Making sales is so motivating! :)

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Melonie said...


Channy said...

Congrats, the shirt is cute. I can see why it sold, hopefully many more will sale also.

Hailey said...

can u look at my blog?
tell me what you think?

Bethany said...

Thanks guys!

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