Monday, March 08, 2010

From My New Phone

I turned in my credit and got a new phone yesterday. It was a pretty good deal, since there's a rebate and we get aa corporate partnership deal through Ben's job, so I ended up getting a Samsung Moment for free. BUT, I hate change, and it's definately taking some getting used to.

So far it's been fun to play around with the apps and the internet is fast and looks great on it, but I can't decide if the actual telephone functions are good. I have to figure out if I can set up any speed dials and whatnot.

So, even though the old phone didn't work right anymore and would buzz for no reason and quit working at all for an hour or two at a time, I kinda miss how comfortable it was. And even though this one is supposedly super awesome and was free, I'm feeling like there's going to have to be some getting to know you time... but maybe I'll fall in love.

I'm already loving how easy it is to blog and use the internet with it.

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