Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Good to Be Home

Wow, we had an awesome time in MI!  One of the big things that was planned was a surprise party for my little brother, Adam.  Of course, I couldn't post about it, because then he'd have known!  We pulled it off without a hitch, mostly because of his lovely girlfriend, Becky and his fun friends, who decorated, invited and planned, leaving only the food and cake to myself and my other siblings.

Ben had a very nice 30th birthday, and I was very excited to give him his presents.  I got him some t-shirts from The Onion that he's been wanting, and a heart rate monitor/mp3 player for working out.  I think he liked it very much, and he's really looking foward to trying it out.

I went with my Mother-in-Law on Monday afternoon to her Zumba class.  It was super fun!  I kept right up, and impressed them all by being in step most of the time.  Of course, it is Zumba Gold, so maybe that's not really worth the bragging. ;)

We shopped at a number of different Amish stores and stocked up on some fun kitchen gadgets and supplies.  I'm planning a separate post with all of that stuff sometime next week.

Today, I've got so much to unpack!  I love it when we drive to MI, because then we have room to bring home all the fun things we get, and all the stuff our moms are always sending along with us.

I'm definately feeling recharged and ready to get moving on some of my bigger homemaking projects.  I'm getting much more organized with my cleaning, have fun supplies to start making more soap and lip balm and things, feel very ready to get a jump on the garden, and am working hard on food storage, and nutrition.

Things are picking up for my online work as well.  I recently received advertising credit with both adwords from Google, and Facebook Ads, and I'm having fun doing a little advertising for my blog, seeing where all the visitors are coming from.  I made another sale of a Cafepress t-shirt over the weekend.  I'm so geeked about that!!  I recently applied and was chosen for Associated Content's Featured Contributor program, and am a Crafting Featured Contributor.  This gives me a higher payment than usual for some of my articles, and can also open up some new opportunities with assignments.  I already have my articles for my March assignments chosen and outlined.

So, this is definately a post to bookmark and come back to when I'm feeling discouraged!  It's good to have things looking up and feeling very optimistic again.  Last fall was difficult in a lot of different ways, and the winter was much better, though seemed more like a calm holding pattern than anything energetic.  Seems like Spring is bring me some energy and ambition too!

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