Monday, March 29, 2010

Guess What We'll Be Doing This Week

A while back, Ben and I put together a mongo-huge order from Burgess. We ordered apple trees, cherry tree, butternut trees, peach trees, lilacs, plum trees, willow trees, almond trees, pussy willows, pear trees, elderberry bushes! The list just goes on and on...

And guess what came in the mail today?

I guess we ordered so many trees that they're coming in trilogy form. We got two of the three shipments today. I do hope the last comes tomorrow!

The picture shows a couple of the fun freebies they throw into the orders. I just love the vintage retro colors and graphics of these seed packets.

So, I'm pretty sure what I'll be doing all this week. How about you guys?

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Worknprogress said...

Oh my goodness! Happy Easter to you! You'll be busy "resurrecting" seeds while you get ready to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord. Hot Dog!

Wow, i don't envy you with all that hole digging that needs to be done. The list of trees sounds lovely and i wish you many fruits from them! Hoping you are going to invite some friends over for a work day. :o)

Take care,

Melonie said...

Wow - wonderful!!!! Have fun. :-)

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