Friday, March 05, 2010

Some Thoughts

It's good to be King of the Food Mountain.
We saw these cows outside of Clare, MI on our way to visit our favorite Amish shops there.  I made my mom turn the car around so I could take pictures.  They just cracked me up, these cows.
Here's Adam with his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed cake.  This was the day before his surprise party, on his actual birthday.  I planned the cake so that he could have it that night, but I could still use it at the big party too, since I didn't have the time to do two fancy decorated cakes, and, of course, I couldn't have served a cut cake at a party.  I used blue, red, orange, and purple colored sugars to sprinkle the green frosted cupcakes to follow the Ninja Turtle design.  The cake stand is one that I picked up after Halloween in the clearance sales.  It was originally skull themed, but I just made the topper from printed out pictures and a six inch cake round to make it a Turtle cake stand.

It is such a beautiful day here!  It feels like Spring, and there are birds singing.  I went out without my coat to put the trash to the road this morning, and I wasn't even a bit cold.  Sure, I wouldn't go for a walk in shorts or anything, but it's Spring-like enough for me.

Tomorrow, we garden!  We're going to be planting our cool weather crops tomorrow, the peas, and lettuces, spinach, broccoli, kohlrabi.  I can't wait for Snap Peas!  Yum.  I have a great idea concerning the pea trellising, but I want to get it set up and take some pictures first, so I can explain it better.

I've been really enjoying using my Motivated Moms chore schedule calendar.  (That's not an affiliate link, I just really like the product.)  I'd really recommend it to anyone needing a little help getting organized and staying on top of all the different cleaning projects keeping house can entail.  It gives you a small list of tasks every day (3-7) that you should complete.  You don't have to worry about doing more than that, because all the different little things come up eventually.  For instance, today the list instructed me to clean the computer screens and the mouse for each, sweep the porch, work on a craft or hobby, change the sheets, change the hand towels in the bathrooms, change the dishcloth and towel in the kitchen and do a quick pick up of each room.  I bought the option that has space for other things to be added as well, for my regular to do list, like putting the trash to the road, dehydrating oranges, visiting the neighbor, and planning the grocery lists.

It's not really like me to follow something like this on blind faith, without needing to see the big picture first, but realy, it's working pretty well, and makes sense.  The more controlling part of me thinks I should have been able to just make something like this myself, and shouldn't need someone else to tell me.  But, honestly, why re-invent the wheel?  If it's already there, put together on a schedule that works, do I really need to go though the trouble of making my own.  Plus, they include things I'd be sure to forget.  Like yesterday, I washed our combs and hairbrushes and clean the light fixture in the laundry room.  These are both things that I don't think I would have written down if I'd tried to make this schedule myself.

I should get back to my cleaning.  I'm almost done, and then I'm going to sit and do the meal planning and shopping lists.  I know one thing that's definately going to the top of my shopping list today, a new pillow!  I have a very bad stiff neck again, and can't turn my head.  It's really bugging me that this keeps happening.  I'm sure it'll feel better tomorrow though, after a night on my new pillow.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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