Saturday, April 10, 2010

About that Blogging Break

While my blog has been been quiet and slow, my life has been quite full and busy.  I've had company this week, and we were quite busy site-seeing and spending lots of time together.

My little brother Adam and his super nice girlfriend Becky were here on vacation since Tuesday, and just headed back yesterday.  We did all the fun things we could manage to fit in while they were in town.

On Tuesday, we visited the arch.  They took the tram to the top, and then we watched the big screen movie about Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery.  After that, we had a picnic, and headed to the zoo.  It was really hot that day, all the way up to 85 or so.  So the zoo was fun, but pretty tiring.  We picked Ben up from work, and had a wonderful dinner at LaFonda.  I just love Mexican food.

On Wed, Adam and I hung out in the morning, and Becky slept in.  I was glad she got the chance, since it was her vacation, and she has to get up early every other day.  In the afternoon, we headed back to St. Louis, and went to the Art Museum in Forest Park.  There were thunderstorms, but after they cleared out, the park was just beautiful.  We picked Ben up again and headed home for Pizza Night!  Adam and Becky and I went next door to visit Leeza for a bit, and then we watched American Idol and ate pizza.

Thursday morning we were all up early, so we could be at Soulard Market.  It wasn't so busy as it usually would be on a weekend, but we picked up some fruit for breakfast, and had bagels from St. Louis Bread Co. to go along with it.  After breakfast, we went to Calvary Cemetary to see Tennesee Williams' grave.  But we ended up in Bellefontaine Cemetary, which is next door, first, and took a very fascinating self-guided tour there.  We saw lots a really cool, unusual and beautiful monuments, including William Clark's, and Adolphus Busch's and the Lemp family tomb.  Then we went to Calvary Cemetary and saw Tennesee Williams', Dred and Harriet Scot's, and General Sherman's graves.  We had lunch at Pappy's Smokehouse (yum!) and took a little tour of what is supposedly a haunted house, the Lemp mansion.  We didn't see any ghosts, so we went to the Delmar Loop and had some Fitz's root beer.  At their restaurant, we watched the root beer being made and bottled.  We shopped a little in the shops along there, and then came home.  Adam and I baked a little, and we watched Spinal Tap.

Friday morning, the weather was beautiful again.  We visited the Our Lady of the Snows Shrine, and came home for quesadillas.  We finished up our baking experiment.  We were trying to make homemade peanutbutter twix with a regular shortbread crust, not the icky chocolate one they use now.  They were pretty good, and turned out kinda close to what we were shooting for.  Becky and Adam packed up, and we took them to the airport.  So, it was a very eventful week, with lots of fun.  We got to know Becky a bit better, and really enjoyed visiting with them both.

Then this morning, we moved the chickens off their winter site, and a big rat ran over my foot.  Back to real life, I guess.

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Alison said...

yay for fun times, boo for rats

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