Monday, April 19, 2010

Garden Salad

My little lettuce patch is producing furiously around the weeds, and the radishes, though still small, are coming along leaps and bounds.  Which means salads every day. Otherwise, why did I bother planting spinach and lettuce? :)

We're having cornbread and beans w our Easter ham bone for dinner. Seems to me like that needs something green, so I got out some of the last of last years green beans from the freezer.  I can't wait till I have some fresh green beans again, but I think that'll wait till next week or the week after. It's still getting kinda cold at night.

I carried water to all the new trees and bushes this morning since it hasn't rained since the 7th, and there's none in the forecast till next week.  It looks like all the fruit trees and blackberries and elderberries we planted are doing pretty well.

One of the big Black Tartan cherry trees we planted last spring is doing really well and even has a few green cherries set on it. But the other one looks like it's dying and is all bare and sad. They're only about twentyfive feet apart and I can't figure out what the problem with it could be!

The peas are coming along slowly, but showing progress, so I think we have some yummy snap peas to eat in June.

And the sock I'm knitting is coming along slowly as well, but I haven't abandoned it yet.  The cuff is about five inches long, and I've been estimating and adding ankle and calf shaping as I go.  I can't wait to see how it fits when I finish!

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Anonymous said...

I really love to see your garden. I envy you because you can eat fresh vegetables on a regular basis.

Anna said...

It's funny how when you start eating in season, your menu sounds a lot like your neighbors'. We had a bean soup made around a hambone, but I mixed in salad greens (including pea tendrils.) It sounds like an odd combo, but was quite good with toasted, cheese-covered tortillas on the side!

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