Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Seed Starting

I'm a little late starting my seeds this year, but if I were organized in every part of my gardening, where would the excitement be?

I use some seed starting trays that were a gift from my in laws last year. They're very convenient, the kind with the expando peat pellets and the clear lids.

Anyway, I find that it's very helpful to make a chart when planting these so that I won't loose track of what is what seedling. And no matter how I think I'll recognize them or remember what I put where, that's just not happening.

Also, I'm going to be setting the tray on heating pads. The warmth helps the seeds to germinate, particularly the tomatoes and peppers.

Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll be able to transplant some time in the end of May or the beginning of June.

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Zoy said...

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