Friday, May 14, 2010

A Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful morning this morning, all soft and grey and rainy.  I know, a lot of people think that sounds crazy, but there's just something relaxing and restful about a soft rainy day.  It's restful to my eyes, which get so tired in the bright sun.  And it's nice and cool, so restful compared to a hot glaring day.

To take advantage of my calm and restful mood, I'm having a very domestic day.  I mean, I can't pull weeds in the rain, right? (Don't answer that, allow me my delusions)

Friday is usually the day that I like to do a lot of the weekly or bi-weekly chores around here.  That way, the house is particularly nice for the weekend.  So today I'm sweeping and mopping and washing the sheets and wiping down the counters.

I'm also going to bake Ben a pie today.  He's requested an apple pie with dutch topping in celebration of our anniversary this weekend.  (Well, the anniversary was on Tues, the celebration is this weekend.)

In between laundry and baking and cleaning up a bit, I'm also working on a little quilt sampler project.  It's actually a kids' kit that I got in the shop at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, but I thought it would be a nice souvenier and a good chance to practice hand piecing.  I'm not ashamed to admit, it makes me feel very Laura Ingalls Wilder to be hand piecing a nine patch block!  :)

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