Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Greenland Gardener Raised Beds Update

Remember my new raised bed from March?  I added the other one and planted it with beets, turnips, and fennel a couple of weeks ago.  Here's some photos of how they look now.

The one in the foreground is the newer one, of course.  From left by the trellis to the right we have, some climbing beans that we picked up from the Thomas Lincoln homestead museum garden that we want to grow to keep for seed for next year (Christmas Lima's, I think they are... and we didn't technically steal them, the pod was on the ground in the path, so I "rescued" them...), fennel, beets, and then on the right end, the turnips are coming in heavy and need to be thinned.  I hate thinning.

This is the view of the two beds from the deck.  On the left in this picture you can see the first bed from that original post.  The cabbages are getting huge.  The radishes have all been harvested, and I'm afraid all the onions are shading out the carrots, but we'll see how that goes.

You can also see how badly the chickens can abuse a spot, especially when it's been very rainy.  That bared rectangle to the foreground of the coop is the spot we just took them from this morning.  They'd only been there since Sunday, but it rained so much the night before last everything is a little swampy.

The plants in the middle path are rosemary, basil, and stevia.  Unfortunately, I think the stevia and basil got too frosted while we were away in MI.  I don't think they'll be coming back from it.  They were all waiting for me to finish building some more raised beds with cinder blocks so I can add on to the herb area.

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