Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Yardwork

Hello all!
I was away from my blog this past long weekend, because I was also away from home.  Ben and I went visiting to MI for a whirlwind of activities, including celebrating Mother's Day, attending one niece's ballet recital and another's 1st birthday party, visiting the Henry Ford Museum, and helping my parents with some weeding and yard work.

Things here seem good.  The neighbor chicken-sat for us, and the yard is a bit wild.  That seems to be all the news from the homestead for now.

We had a full few days, but we're back home again, in time for our wedding anniversary today.  I think that with the travel and everything else that happens at this time of year, we both sorta forgot to plan ahead, so we'll be waiting to celebrate till this weekend.  I might bake him something special today, to mark the occasion though.

It's also my friend Alison's birthday today!  Happy Birthday Ali!

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Anna said...

"in time for our wedding anniversary today."

For some reason, I thought you'd written "weeding anniversary." You can tell what's on my mind!

Bethany said...

lol! Wouldn't it be nice if it only happened once a year!

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