Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quiet Days

I guess things just haven't been terribly interesting around the place lately.  I should try to spice up my life a bit, for the sake of my blog.  These lists of "what I did this week" are never all that interesting, but I use this blog as a journal as well, printing it off every month and filing it.  Just in case there are every any decendants who are fascinated by me, lol.

On Monday I mowed the lawn.  It took forever because the grass was so long.  The grass was so long because it had rained for two weeks, and there was water lying all over the yard, so I couldn't do it any sooner.  It's actually still kind of a mess, with the raggedy parts and all the clippings lying around, but Ben's going to help me hook up the new bagger, and I'm going to go over it again tomorrow, or next Monday, so it'll be all good looking and smooth again.  I was on the lawn mower for about six hours.  Our yard is too big.  No, that's not so.  We have too much grass, and not enough usefulness in our yard.  I cleaned up all the weeds around the mulch in the new orchard and put bird netting on the cherry tree as well.  My cherries (all twelve of them) are starting to ripen!  I'm pretty excited about that.

On Tuesday I had a very fun outing.  The county extension club took a little trip down to Rend River to see the Southern Illinois Art and Artisans Center.  We also stopped for lunch and then headed back to town.  I stayed in town at the library and met Ben when he got out of work.  We had one of my favorite dinners, Jimmy John's sandwiches, and then got to go to a very interesting presentation about beginning bee keeping.  I think it helped me convince Ben that we can get a hive!  The only catch is that he wants me to get stung, so he can make sure that I don't have a severe reaction.  I'm actually not sure if I have the guts for that, lol.

Yesterday I cleaned and baked.  I made yogurt and granola and hard boiled eggs.  I bagged up chicken for the freezer that we'd gotten a great deal on, and cleared and scrubbed down all the counter tops in the kitchen.  I did some laundry and read a little bit as well.  It was one of my favorite kind of days.

Today, I'm cleaning some more things.  There are seed packets and gardening things all over the dining table, along with all the first aid supplies that I was taking stock of and decided where not plentiful enough, so I want to have those things inventoried and put away again.  It seems like seeds and seed starting things are cluttering up the place right up until it snows.  I think I need a better system for storing and keeping them organized, but I can't seem to settle on anything that keeps them neat, but is still easy to find and get a hold of.  Maybe some of those binder clips on one of those big split rings?  I might try that this afternoon.

I hope everyone else is enjoying these late spring days!

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

I don't think your life's boring: it's just life. It seems to me that either things are dull and repetitive for awhile, and then everything hits all at once. At least that's how it always happens with me.

I'd love a peep at your orchard! One day I want an orchard growing in clover instead of grass so it doesn't need to be mowed.

Bethany said...

Oh, not boring at all, just doesn't give me a whole lot that's new to write about. Next week I'll have to apply myself a bit more, lol.

I'll take some pics of the trees, but they're super hard to see, considering that they're just sticks with leaves at the moment. :)

Anna said...

Getting stung by a honeybee is nothing, really. I got stung twice on Thursday and barely noticed. If you're gotten stung by a yellowjacket or wasp recently, you've probably got a bad taste in your mouth, but honeybee stings are equivalent to a sweatbee, in my opinion (or getting a shot) --- one quick jab, and then the pain goes away.

Brigette said...

Also as far as getting stung and having an allergic reaction... You'll never have a reaction the FIRST time you get stung. It will always be the 2nd time or the 8th time or the 23rd time... You get the idea. That's how it is for allergic reactions. That's why mom's are told to give their baby 2servings of something before deeming it safe as far as allergies go. :)

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