Tuesday, June 08, 2010

In the calm cool quiet of the early morning

Today is Tuesday, but it feels like my Monday, because we had a long weekend.  My parents in law came to visit and we had a fun time rambling around the country side exploring chicken coops.

On Saturday, I accidentally got sunburned and now have sore collarbones!  I suppose it's bound to happen at least once a summer, and I'd managed to avoid it until now.

Sunday we went to Carbondale for a coop tour. We saw four or five of the 14 or so coops on the tour; it was a good event!  One of the farms had goats, rabbits, doves, turkeys, and some fun dogs in addition to their chickens. That one was my favorite.

We managed to get a lot of yard work done as well as having company this weekend too. We are just a couple of busy beavers.  We've been mulching fools, and things are really starting to get into shape hereabouts.

Today, I'm feeling slightly ill. I've been running a low fever.  I'm not sure if it's related to the sunburn, or if it's just that I've caught a cold.  I'm thinking I might take it easy and knit or sew today instead of work outside.  I have to head next door and visit a bit, and I would like to make an apple something for breakfasts this week.  So it should be a nice quiet day for me. Just what I need to recover!

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