Friday, June 04, 2010


I'm late this year, but late, I suppose, is better than not at all.  I've finally gotten most of my started seedlings planted in the ground! (Or a nice big pot, as in the case of this basil.)

Yesterday, into the garden went 30 spindly tomato starts and 4 bell peppers.  The tomatoes were tucked in right up to their leaves.  And, because I don't have proper seed starting lights set up, this meant between 4-5 inches of stem in each hole.  I'm hoping this is going to result in nice strong root systems, and not dead tomato starts.

I ran out of tilled garden before I ran out of plants, so I still have 3 watermelons, 6 bell peppers, and some various annual flowers to finish planting.  I started some marigolds this year to use for companion planting, but didn't have a great germination rate.  I think I'll try direct sewing some as well.

This weekend, Ben's parents are coming to visit (yay, company!), but I'm hoping he'll find time before they arrive to till up the rest of the garden and help me plant the rest of the seedlings.

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Alison said...

Cute new banner!

Bethany said...

Thanks Ali!
I had fun making it. Figured it was time for things to get a bit of a facelift around here. I had my funny joke banner that Adam made me up for way too long to be very professional looking.

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