Monday, July 26, 2010


I harvested about a quarter of the onions we grew in our raised bed this morning. Some of them are so much bigger than any we grew last year! Some are pretty small yet, but you pretty much have to harvest onions when they lean over, lie down and give up, which these had.

They'll cure today in the sun on the deck, and then I'll move them out to the front porch for a couple of weeks to finish curing in the shade.

I would like to wait and see if I get a few days without rain before pulling the rest of them, since they store much better if they have less moisture in them when they're picked.  I felt like I had to get these out of the ground right away though, since some of them had no tops at all and I was afraid they might start to rot from all the wet weather we've been having.

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1 comment:

Adam J. said...

I'm jealous of your onions. All of the onions John and I planted didn't take. :-(

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