Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recycled Shed Ceiling Finishing

All done!

We've been slowly moving along with our shed project.  Our friend Ken, who is quickly working his way up my list of favorite people, helped to put in all the insulation in one decisive move.  We decided to insulate, because we figured spending a little on insulation now, will probably help to keep us from spending a lot more on running heat lights and water heaters all winter.

To finish the ceiling and keep the insulation from sagging and falling, we came up with a free recycled solution.  First we opened out the tons of feed bags I've been saving in the garage.  (I was saving them to craft with, but they're actually a bear to sew, so I was glad to give them up.)  We stapled them up to the rafters over the insulation, to help contain any fiberglass dust that might fall, and to make a brighter finished look.  Then we screwed some scrap boards up cross wise to give the insulation a solid support in that direction.  We ran out of long enough screws, so we still have a couple more to put up, but I'm pretty happy with the result.

I think we'll have to buy hardboard for the wall finish.  We're hoping to get that done this weekend.  I wanted to find a free option, but nothing we thought of worked out.  Hardboard is the cheapest option if we buy the 1/8 inch kind.  That should be plenty of protection since it's only real purpose is to keep the chickens from pecking out and eating the insulation.  And to add some rigidity between the studs to support it from sagging as well, I suppose.

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Anna said...

We went for the really thin plywood as a wall covering too. It just seemed like the cheapest and easiest option. I love your recycled ceiling!

Bethany said...

I'm glad to hear that the thin kind will be workable. I want to get away as cheaply as possible with the finishing, considering we bought the shed prebuilt.

Thanks, it's working really well, and brightens to whole area up so much!

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