Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Scenery

View from my chair July 2010
Our garden is in the foreground in this photo. The beans and squash in this newly mulched section we planted about a week ago. I love piling on the grass clipping mulch, every inch means that much less weeding!

I love the way the fields look this time of year.  After the wheat is ripe all of the wheat fields are the most beautiful gold color.  The field in the background was harvested two weeks ago, and last week they came back and baled the straw, but the pretty color is still there and I really enjoy just looking out the window from the living room out at this view.  There something about the contrast with the that wheat gold color and the dark corn green that's just so restful for me.

I've been enjoying the view quite a bit today.  I'm working on designing some embroidery designs to sell in my Etsy shop.  Yesterday I did the preliminary drawing on a sampler, and I've been stitching it up this morning to see how well it'll work as a pattern.

Doing this indoor work has been a relief from all the busy gardening.  I've been harvesting this and that, but haven't had to start the preserving in heavy earnestness yet.  It's a mid-summer slump in the outdoor work, and I'm grateful for it.  I weed and trim and such very early in the morning, after letting the chickens out of the coop around 5, and then after an hour or so of being outside in the morning, I get to come in and avoid the heat except for just a half an hour in the afternoon, when I change the chickens' water and food.

Hope you all are having as quiet and nice a day as I am!


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Mary said...

I've been mulching my garden with grass clippings too. It sure does help keep the weeds down.

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