Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Peach Leather

I bought all those delicious Michigan peaches with dreams of canned slices in syrup, peach jam, and honey spiced peaches dancing in my head.  Instead, I ended up coming down with the same throat infection that Ben had at the beginning of last week.

I'm definately in no shape for canning.

So, I've resorted to peach leather to preserve many of my wonderful peaches.  I'm still hoping to can some, but the ones that are overripe and sliding down the slippery slope of past their prime are being dried for quick storage.

To make the dried peach leather, I start by washing the peaches well, and cutting them into quarters into the blender.  I run them through the "drink" setting twice to get a nice smooth puree, and then spread them onto parchment paper on my dehydrator tray.

About ten hours later, and I have yummy, very storable, peach roll-up.  To get them to actually roll up well, I do the rolling when the sheet is still hot and fresh from the dehydrator.  Then it will hold its shape better, and not want to unroll.  After cutting into quarters, I know that each roll up is approximately one peach worth of peachy goodness.  (Because I used 4 peaches per sheet.  Except the one pictured, that was an odd end piece of parchment, so it was only two peaches.)

Then I head back to the couch with my cough drops, ibuprofen, antibiotics and juice to watch Jaws.

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Kelsi said...

i have never made peach leather or any fruit leather before!! it sounds super yummy!! maybe next year i can splurge on a dehydrator ... oh the possibilities!

hope you feel better soon!!

Josh Healy said...

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