Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sometimes things seem hard, don't they?

I have to throw a disclaimer on this post. It's not inspiring. It's not at all crafty. The picture of the pullets on the way home is just a random pic to give the post something worthwhile. I pretty much am feeling sad, and am about to whine. Please feel free not to read it if other people whining bothers you as much as it bothers me. I'm making an exception to my zero tolerance on negativity just to vent a bit.  But who knows? Maybe by the end, I'll find my silver lining.

Well, I've been a slacker blogger this week, but I had a good reason. I was having a very busy and overwhelming week.

After we brought the new pullets home last weekend, I was working on getting all the kinks out of the new housing situation. It seemed especially important for everything to go smoothly because we were headed to MI to spend the week visiting with family and the neighbor had to be on chicken duty.

Getting ready for a week long trip added that much more busy-ness with packing and baking and cleaning and last minute things like finishing and wrapping the backlog of niece and nephew b-day presents that I always seem to accumulate.

So I thought I was having an overwhelming week.  Then Ben got sick. Well, he'd been sick but he hadn't really said much about it, so I didn't realize, but Friday night he said his throat hurt so bad he had to go to urgent care to have it seen.

At urgent care they just told him it was a sore throat and that's all and there wasn't strep, so take some ibuprofen and bye bye.  We still planned to leave on Saturday, just slightly delayed for some sleeping in, since we didn't get home that night till 12.

So yesterday morning, we got up and finished packing.  We were just about ready to head out when he started feeling dizzy and lightheaded and very ill. When he went back to bed in the middle of packing the car, I figured we'd better get a second opinion about what was wrong with him.

I drove him in to see his regular doctor, who said even though it isn't strep, it's a bacterial infection and prescribed an antibiotic.

So here we are, not going anywhere at all for a while, at least. I've got boxes and suitcases all packed for a roadtrip all around with no roadtrip to be taken.  I'll have to start again on the goal of having all laundry and dishes clean and put away at one time.  We probably won't get to see my family at all, because we'll need to head right up north to Ben's family get together. All the fun plans are either cancelled or just seem like so much less fun.

This trip was stressing me out so much to begin with, and now it's going to be abbreviated and the parts I was looking forward to the most (giving the b-day presents, cooking w my little brother, a big dinner w my whole family) are pretty much cancelled.

So I'm going to stop feeling sorry for myself now.  I've done my venting, and that actually helped a little to get it off my chest.  I suppose the trick now will be to figure out how to make the best of the situation and work on having a good week even if it's a different one from what I had planned.

I'll definately update and let you know if I figure out how to do that.

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Worknprogress said...

Oh, what a stressful week! It's completely understandable that your spirits would be deflated after all that has happened this week and with the fact that things you were really looking forward to doing arer going you be put off. I know exactly what you mean, as this just happened to my daughter and I last week. We were supposed to meet up with our dear friends at a restored Victorian home on the river in the mountains and have a moms/kids sleepover (you have to get creative when your daughters best friend is a boy.) :o) The morning we were to hubbie had a headache so bad that his stomach was upsetting the whole day. We stayed here, ministering to him and mourning our loss of fun...praying that we get to join our friends next August.

I am sorry, and I hope that your Ben's response to his meds is quick so that you may squeak out a day with your family. I know this seems silly but sometimes it seems like sick hubbies are a gift from God, helping you two focus on each other without distractions for a few days.

Most of all, I pray you don't end up catching the bug!
Hoping you both are feeling better soon!

Anna said...

I'm so sorry! Trips are so difficult when you live a homesteading type of life of any sort. I hope Ben feels better soon, and that once you're on the road, everything looks brighter. (This is what usually happens to me -- I live the pre-trip stress at home.)

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