Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vacation, all I ever wanted

So we're actually on the long awaited vacation.  We left on Tuesday night and drove until we got too tired, then finished the drive yesterday.  It took so much longer than I expected it would!

We did slow ourselves down to do a little sightseeing though.  We were going be so close, so we couldn't resist stopping off to see the old alma mater.  I expected it would seem small, as things from the past tend to do, but instead, I was shocked that I'd used to walk SO far!  I had more energy when I was younger, I suppose.

This is the bridge we were standing on when Ben proposed to me.  We had a real trip down memory lane, including sandwiches at my first Jimmy Johns! Ah, memories...

Today there's a lot planned. We might get to meet up with my parents, while at the same time checking out some awesome old timey stuff, then there's the salon w my sisters in law, a family potrait session w the James Gang, and a date w my honey at the drive in theater!

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