Monday, September 13, 2010

Dried Pumpkin Pie

I just had to ring in September and the first heralds of fall with a pumpkin pie.  Unfortunately, I was not able to best the squash bugs this year, so I have no pumpkins or squash to roast.  I do, however, have a bit of the dried pumpkin puree from last fall to clear out of the pantry.

(Note the beautiful fancy pants pie plate that the lovely Alison sent me as my Christmas present last year.  It's so awesome.  And so is she!)

The first step is to soak the puree pieces in warm water for a while.

Even after a couple of hours of soaking, it's a little chunky.  But that's okay, because I have...

My stick blender! 

A couple of whirs with the trusty blender, and my chunky pumpkin water is once again a smooth and delicious puree.  After that I just mixed up my pie filling as I would if I were using fresh roasted pumpkin or canned pumpkin.

I think that if I were to put the puree through the blender (the regular one, not the stick one) before soaking it, I would get pumpkin powder, which probably would rehydrate smoothly without the blending.  I have one pie's worth of the dried puree left, so I might try it.

And I'm watching sales!  As soon as I find a good one, I'm stocking up and drying a bunch more squash for the coming year.

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