Friday, September 17, 2010

I think I'll call him Sam.

I almost put the photo behind a link for the squeamish, but I don't actually have anywhere that I can upload photos and link to them to hide them right now.  But don't worry, it's just a picture.  It won't hurt you.

I, on the other hand, have to live with him.  This gigantic spider lives outside our back door in the living room.  He likes to place his nest so he's framed by the window pane when I look out from the couch.  Very thoughtful of him.

At first I tried to dispatch Ben to kill him.  (I wasn't about to do it, he's like 3-4 inches long.  Counting his legs.)  Ben insists it's not the kind of spider that will give me necropsy.  It's just an orb spider, he says.

Well, he's right, Sam's an orb spider.  I'm no expert, but my googling does prove that Sam is not venomous.  Also, every morning he takes down his web and builds a new one.  He caught my attention this morning while I was cleaning and he was doing just that.  I hadn't ever seen him building before.  Well, generally I try not to look at him, averting my eyes and repeatedly telling myself that I'm an eco-minded lady who sees the value and beauty in all of God's creations.  And trying to convince myself that spiders don't sneak up on people.

I was fascinated by watching him build the web.  I know how spiders do that (having read Charlotte's Web fifty million times, lol) but I've never seen them doing it in real life in real time.  Of course, I've never been near a spider on such a large scale before.  Sam is a quick, neat worker, an expert knitter.  Of course, his design is a little utilitarian, but I can appreciate that.  I love it when form follows function.

So, as he went about his business, and I went about rebuilding my little web for the day, cleaning up here and there, doing some big repair work by mopping the floors and washing the throw rugs, I actually did feel a bit of a kinship with the spider out the back door.  We were both setting our worlds to right, establishing order that would allow us to provide food and comfort, being driven by a higher power inspiring our instincts. 

Sure, Sam's the kind of spider only an 8 year old boy could love, and it really gives me an ooogie sort of feeling knowing that he's behind me right now, just outside the door.  But I think we'd get along pretty well if we could just talk yarn to each other.

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Kelsi said...

we must be related in a different life! last year, here is the post, i blogged about a writing spider that looks just like your sam. i named her charlotte in hopes that i wouldn't be afraid of her.

i never got around to taking pictures though.

so funny!

Jean said...

Awesome post. I am defintly not a spider girl but I find Sam to be kind of neat. Now if only you could shoot a video of it. I wonder if you could sell it as stock video to different companies?

Worknprogress said...

Sam's a lucky guy! We have a couple of the western WA version in our bedroom window and as a doorman. :(

My b-i-l, the priest, finds them in the rectory and quickly dispatches them home to the Father. I figure if a man of God can get by killing spiders.... :)

May Sam not be short for "Samantha" and thereby not leaving an egg sack behind. :)

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