Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My View This Morning

I mowed the lawn this morning.  And boy, did it need it! Between us being away, then me being sick for a week it was long.  Then it had to wait a whole nother week, because last week Ben was away on a work trip, and I was out of gas with no car to head to the gas station.

But I fill my can to the tippy top yesterday and this morning, I was ready to mow!  It was long, but not very wet and heavy like it is in the mid-summer, so the mower didn't clog up as badly as it might.

Now I'm baking cake to take to the county extesion meeting tomorrow.  I was going to make cupcakes, but some days filling those little paper cups is just beyond a person, you know?

I shoveled out the chicken coop and laid down fresh bedding this morning.  I love the way it smells in there when the bedding is fresh.  Just like the lumber aisle at Home Depot. Yum!

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