Thursday, September 23, 2010

Polishing Silver

My sister got me this lovely necklace for Christmas one year, and I just love how classic, yet still unusual it is.  One thing about it though, is that it is the kind of chain that twists up in my hair pretty badly if I wear it with my hair down.

I forgot about that and wore it out one night, and had to take it off, it kept tangling and pulling my hair that badly.  Well, I put it in the glove compartment for safekeeping, and promptly forgot it was there.  After it'd had spent a number of damp months in the car, I found it and thought i'd ruined it, it was so black with tarnish.

Yesterday, I cleaned and sorted all my make up and hair things and jewelry, and I decided it was about time to try to get it cleaned!

I don't have any silver polish around, so I searched for homemade silver cleaner and found this method on Good Housekeeping's site.

You line a glass or plastic container with tin foil, sprinkle in some washing soda, and pour in boiling water.  It makes a bubbly fizzy mire, and causes a chemical reaction that makes the tarnish jump from the necklace to the foil.  It was fun.  Like chemistry without grades.

After 15 minutes, you can rinse it off and dry it with a soft cloth.  And Good Housekeeping says to wear rubber gloves. So wear rubber gloves.

You can see that it's much cleaner, though there is still some tarnishing along the textured chain, but it was so heavily tarnished I'm not surprised it will need a second go round.  I'm going to gather up my other silver things and do it again.  But I might wait till Ben's home so he can join in the fun. ;)

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

I remember polishing silver that way with my mom. It's so fun!

chicory cottage said...

i am ALL for chemistry without grades! maybe i'd have done better that way...will have to try this for our silver jingles.

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