Friday, September 24, 2010

Straining the Tinctures

I actually should have strained them a few weeks ago, when six weeks was up, but I'm sure that a little extra time didn't hurt anything.

The lavender came out smelling so super good and sweet.  I've used it to make some room/linen spray and it's really great.  To make a tincture into a scent spray, you just mix some with distilled water in a sprayer.  Shake it up before each use.  Lavender is antiseptic and such, so I think it'd make a great natural surface spray for the bathroom too.

The other tinctures are chamomile blossom and lemongrass.  I'm going to have order some bottles before I strain the yarrow and catnip tinctures.  I haven't saved up enough used glass bottles to store it all.  Technically, tinctures should be stored in dark glass, but I'll just make sure to keep them all stored out of the light.

I'd totally link to the post where I set up all the tinctures, but I'm posting from my phone.  If you're curious, that post would be in the archives right around July 1st of this year.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Crunchy Diva said...

okay you totally got me interested what's a tincgture? the lavender one sounds lovely.

Bethany said...

A tincture is a way of using herbs long term. They can be medicinal or can be used in things like linen spray, the way I described in this post. You soak herbs in a high alcohol vodka for a number of weeks, and this breaks down the oils and captures them in the vodka, making a tincture. I'd recommend the book Make Your Place by Raleigh Briggs or the lesson Herbal Remedies at Homemakers Mentor
Or the videos on at Bulk Herb Store and Mountain Rose Herbs.

These have been very fun things for me to learn about!

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