Tuesday, October 05, 2010

October is My Favorite Month

Wow, I really stalled on the blog last week.  I don't know the last time I've gone a whole week without posting.  I don't even have any good excuses even.  I just didn't post.  Maybe I haven't been doing enough interesting things, if I don't automatically think, "I need to post this on my blog!".

I have been feeling antsy lately.  I want to run away from home and do something fun.  I think it must just be that the beautiful October weather has started, and it's my favorite kind of weather, cool, but sunny, and I just want to get out in it.  See the fall colors and find something new to experience.  Fall always seems like a time for change, so I tend to get that wanderlust sort of feeling when the days get cooler.

I've been harvesting herbs before the killing frosts come, so I'm going to be working on infused oils for lip balms and skin salves.  I'm pretty excited about some of the ideas I have.  I hope they work out, since I'm new to the herbal prepartions thing, but even a failed experiment is a learning experience, right?

The chickens have been laying pretty well.  It's been so awesome to get to eat eggs again!  And Ben's glad not to have to say no to the new customers that ask him at work if he can sell them eggs.  They have been getting out of the fence alot the last couple of days.  It's really my fault, because we didn't have the time to electrify the fence before we brought the chickens home, and we haven't done it yet, so they push against the netting and get out.  I know I should never have let them into it without it being electrified, because it'll be harder for them to learn when we do get it set up.  I'm planning to move the fence, then set up the electricity, and maybe that will help them to learn better.  I would just let them free range, but I do worry about them bothering the neighbors, or dogs coming into the yard.  The electric fence is actually more to deter pests than it is to keep the chickens inside, so I really ought to get it set up sooner than later.

The garden's just about finished, we still have "shelly" beans to harvest when they're ready, and the garlic should be coming soon, so we'll plant that and be done. I don't know if I'd call my gardening a success this year or not.  I would say that's it's been the perfect learning experience for the lesson that you only get out how much effort you're willing to put in.  As in, not too much. All summer, I'd think to myself that it was way too hot to work outside (which it was, 103, hello!), and so every day the garden didn't get weeded.  Maybe next year I'll try to get out there at 4am, and then just go back to sleep during the day or something.  But I'd say that this year, the St. Louis summer beat me.

So, here's hoping life will get bloggable again!  Or I'll at least find the inspiration needed to make decluttering and fall cleaning seem bloggable. ;)

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Crunchy Diva said...

must be aweseome to have your own fresh eggs i'm so jealous.

Bethany said...

We love it! But for a long while, we were selling every egg the chickens laid, so we're thrilled that they're exceeding sales again. ;)

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