Thursday, November 04, 2010


I'm tempted to name the photo above, "Life-cycle".

We got a great deal on squash this past weekend when the feedstore was clearancing the butternuts and acorns along with the carving pumpkins and decoartive gourds.

We picked up a dozen butternuts for 50 cents each, which came out to about .23 cents a pound.  Anytime produce can be gotten for under a quarter a pound, I'm there!

I went to work roasting and pureeing them.  I like to preserve squash by dehydrating the puree on parchment paper in 2 cup increments.  That way it's all set to go and really easy to re-hydrate and use in any recipe calling for a can of pumpkin.

Of course, I can't have fresh squash puree on hand and not bake up a pie.  I'm so glad to have more squash to store again. I was saving the last of last year's for Thanksgiving, but now I'll have plenty for "just because" and even some to take home and share at Christmas.

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