Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas Days

My goodness, it's cold here!  The chickens are protesting vigorously.  I've explained to them that they have a heat lamp, which is more than I have, but then they offered to trade the heat lamp for the cozy comforter and hot chocolate they know I'm holding back from them.

I don't mind the cold as much when I remember that Christmas is coming around the corner.  It helps put the temperatures in perspective when one of the best things about winter is going on.

St. Charles, MO Nov. 2010
Don't you want to just move in there!

It's so easy for all the fun and joy of Christmas to slip right past this time of year.  It seems like time goes so quickly!

To combat this, I've challenged myself to be in the moment more, and to do at least one Christmas thing every day.  Even if I just put on a Christmas cd while I make dinner, or eat a candy cane.

I've been keeping track of my "Christmas things" by posting them everyday on my personal Facebook page.  Which I'm sure is really getting my friends and family into the holiday mood as well, lol.

St. Charles, MO Nov. 2010
I'd live right down the street in this one.  We could be neighbors!

Today, I'm going to the Christmas Luncheon for the county extension club.  We're going to the same place we went last year, the one that serves "chicken".  Misplaced quotation mark make me uneasy, but it was really good fried chicken!

I'm really hoping for Christmas Carol trivia again this year.  I dominated last year.  But in a very loving, spirit of the season, sort of way.

One of my recent AC crafting projects.  The article is here.
While you're there, feel free to head over to my profile and nominate me for a contributor award as well!  Strictly if you enjoy my articles and think I deserve the recognition, that is.

I hope your winter holiday prep is going well too!  Take some time, eat a candy cane.  Nothing can beat that bright cool rush of peppermint.  I would never bite a candy cane when I was growing up, but recently, I've discovered that I love splintering them into shards and sticking my teeth together with the candy.  Good thing for my teeth they're a once a year treat!  So, what's your favorite way to eat a candy cane?

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

Mmm, you just made me want candy canes! Too bad I don't have any. :(

I just finished my Christmas shopping so I'm good to go! When my packages come I'll still have to wrap, but I've stayed on top of the wrapping so far so it shouldn't be an issue.

Love that felt ornament you made!

Alison said...

That is a super cute ornament! I wish I weren't so lazy!

Maybe you could let the chickens in the house. Then they could all snuggle with you on the couch. That would keep you AND the chickens warm. Problem solved :)

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