Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I *heart* winter!

Winter is really starting to creep up on Fall as my absolutely favorite season.

It's been so cozy staying inside and working on knitting and embroidery and sewing projects. I love having no guilt about the never-ending yard and garden work going undone.  There isn't anything that has to be done outside this time of year!

Well, other than the morning and evening chicken chores that is. But the heater under the waterer and the timer for the coop heat lamp make those chores quick and simple.  It's nice to get a breath of fresh air every day refilling the feeders, spreading more bedding, hauling the day's water, and throwing down a handfull of sunflower seeds to give the chickies something to scratch.

Then I head back in for hot coffee and cleaning and baking.  It's nice to have the oven on during these cold days.  Yesterday I baked and pureed and dried more squash.

I've been reading too, with my new found winter leisure time.  I read some very good books by an Amish author named Linda Byler.  They're about an Amish girl and are kind of like the Little House books in that they're a series of books about the girl's whole growing up years.

Oh, about the photo! I've always resisted doing embroidery like this.  Going down and coming up in the same stitch, I mean.  I guess when I was young and I learned how to embroider, it was easier for me to make a neat job of it by pulling the thread through going down and coming up.  Well, I recently tried it out on a project and (surprise, lol) it goes so much more quickly!  I'm converted to the new way.  At least for x's, that's for sure.

So, what are your favorite winter past times?  I have to say knitting and listening to audio books are right at the top of my list.

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Dad towels look great nice font.

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