Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Well, goodness.

I think I've just about recovered from Christmas.  It's not so much the holiday (which I love) that takes it out of me, but the constant travel and visiting and being away from my own bed and my own routine (and my own kitchen!) that seems to wear me down.  I love our families, but how much easier would my life be if we just lived closer and I didn't have to go visiting in such long unbroken shifts!

This year, our flights home were cancelled the night before we were set to leave, so we just took off driving.  I'm grateful we live relatively close, since that's a possibility and that we had the money available for the extra car rental and Super 8 room that it cost us.  We did get a refund on the flights after the fact, so it was a wash.  Ben had to get home for work, and if we'd waited around for Southwest, we'd have only left today.

We got to finish off our vacation the relaxing way, watching movies for a day straight, before we both got down to business and back to work yesterday.  Honestly, it was a relief to clean and organize again, once I got started on it, yesterday.

I've unpacked all the suitcases, organized the load of things and stuff that seem to follow us home from MI every time we visit, especially Christmas, and am feeling like I'm all the way home again.  I'm slowly organizing the Christmas decorations and putting them away.  This year, I sorted out all the things that I might want mid year, or early in the season next year (like packing tape, gift packagaing, small gifts picked up at clearance sales, Christmas clothes and socks, etc.) into one storage bin, so I'll be sure to know just where those things are, and have no trouble getting to them.

Really, I'm just getting back into the swing of things, after enjoying hetic visiting and veggie down-time.  It's a good change from both to feel productive and hopeful about new prospects in my work.  I'm thinking I'll have a finished knitting project to show off tomorrow, and by next week, some fun new articles on Associated Content, and lots of new plans for the new year.

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