Thursday, January 27, 2011

Picking Up Stitches

I realize that the title of this post could very easily be on a deep and meaningful life goes on kind of post.  But in this case, no. I'm actually talking about knitting.

I'm knitting Ben a pair of flip top mittens, but I was using my own hands to judge the fit.  While his hands are slightly bigger, my fingers are longer, so the the inner fingerless part ended up too long and almost covered his fingers to the tip.

Ripping back in knitting can be intimidating, because it seems impossible to get all those little live and loose loops back on the needles without dropping at least a couple.

The photos illustrate my favorite solution.  I put the needles back in place BEFORE starting to unravel.  That way, I know just where my stopping point should be, and the stitches are ready and waiting on the needles when the ripping out is finished.

It is important to remember to put the right. Leg of each stitch in front of the needles when getting them in place. This results in the live stitches being positioned correctly on the needles and prevents inadvertent stitch twisting.

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