Monday, February 07, 2011

For Bored Chickens

With all the ice and snow we've been getting, the chickens have been stuck inside for a week and counting.  They really hate having to be "cooped up" and complain loudly about it everytime they see me.

Sometimes we hang a cabbage up for the flock to pick and peck.  I haven't found any for a good price lately, and they tend to go through them really quickly, even when I hang them high.

They like cracked corn and sunflower seeds for a treat but grab them all up in less than five minutes when I toss them out on the ground.

I picked up this bird feeder at the Rural King yesterday, and so far it's helped the "chicken entertainment" problem.  It holds the seed lightly enough that a peck is plenty to shake a few out, sending them all scratching underneath until the next peck.

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