Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Could I BE more behind with blogging?

There cute little llamas were at the Quincy, IL Farm and Home Supply this past weekend.  They were having a display with demonstrations from the Adams County Olde Tyme Association.  The owner of the llamas was spinning on a beautiful upright wheel.  I was delighted by the pretty llamas and a tad bit covetous of the wheel.

Things have been very Spring-like here.  Which means happy chickens and beautiful sun, with muck all over and a mud pit yard.  I've been sticking to my paths as much as possible to keep from churning up any more of the yard.

The garlic I planted last fall in the raised beds has been poking it's shoots up.  I'm so glad to see it, since I love garlic and can't wait to have our own!

I was looking back to last year, and saw that I had cabbages and onions, carrots and radishes planted by the 25th of March last year.  I've been making my plans to do the same this year, and I'm hoping to finally have some luck with snap peas.  This time I'm planning to put them at the end of the raised bed to climb trellises.  It'll be good to have put them there since I'll be able to get them planted in the raised bed sooner than the main garden.  I'll take pics when I get it all set up.  Fourth time's the charm, right?

I've been knitting a log cabin style blanket from bulky cotton blend yarn I found in the back of my stash.  It's nothing to write home about, really, because it's all one color, so a little dull looking.  But it's a good use for a lot of yarn that I got very cheaply (Craftmart going out of business by the bag sale back in AZ) but I wouldn't want to wear as a sweater.  And I can knit it without looking, since it's garter stitch, which makes it perfect tv and reading knitting.

I'm working on revising my schedule and internet priortities and really hope to be back with more bloggable fun soon.  Take care everyone!

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Melonie said...

I llove llamas! ;-) We used them as pack animals when I was in natural resource mgt way back when. Then I got with some of the FFA/4-H crowd and found out how wonderful they can be for fiber folk too. (Or would that be ffiber? heh heh)

Great guard animals too - just all around cool(l).

Okay, I'm beating a dead horse there, aren't I? ;-P

By the way, llove your new header.

(LLast one, I promise.)

Bethany said...

I lliked seeing them. Pretty babies with rabbity llooking velvet ears, and such lliquid soft eyes, and the llongest eyellashes!

I'd llove to llearn to spin, and make llama yarn. Maybe someday soon. I'm hatching mad plans for a homemade spinning wheel.

Thanks about the new banner. I'm still learning. I made it in photoshop, and I'm thinking I love the tagline, but I'm not thrilled with the white rectangle-ness of it.

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