Saturday, April 02, 2011


For my birthday last week, I treated myself to these fancy new bread pans that bake canape sandwich bread.  I got to try them out yesterday, and I like them so much!

I was concerned that the bread might be hard to get out, but I just sprayed them with cooking spray inside and the bread fell right out when it was done.  Only the star one got a little stuck because. It had leaked out the ends a little while it baked because I'd had it too full.

There's no star shaped loaf in the photo because we ate it all yesteday making pb&j's for dinner.

Now I can make fancy little canape sandwiches for all the ladies in the homemakers club without having to waste crusts! :)

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RosieC said...

Oh, how cute! That's a great idea.

Happy belated birthday :)

East for Green Eyes

Tracey said...

They look yummy and very cute. I can't ever get my bread to come out right...even when I use the breadmaker.

Marie Anne said...

I have one or two of those tube bread pans somewhere. I used to love to make the dainty little sandwiches.

Loki Morgan said...

wow, that is so cool! :)

bootextiles said...

They are so dinky I love them. I think the girls in your group will be very impressed. I wish there was a homemakers group here. Sounds like something I would like to join! x

Katie said...

Wow! Those are so cute!
I am an aspiring amateur chef on top of everything else I do. And now, I want pans like that! :)

A definite happy birthday to you!

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